Thick cock, raw hole. Perfect

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Active porn blog!

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Lunch break

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i may have posted this before, but its hot enough for a repost. i love the sounds he makes

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this might be deleted but still

All good

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it saddens me that he deleted his xtube :(

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I so fuckin love edging and getting off straight guys… their moans and facial expressions,.. and I know I have been with a few of them (about time we get back together again “S”)…

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The promise of a Christmas cock sucking for Dustin Cooper soon leads to a lot more as the boys suck on each others candy canes and Robbie Anthony slides his hard one into his fuck buddy’s tight little pucker! It’s a great fuck, and just how we would all love to spend our holidays too! Forget the Cranberry jelly, gimme that boy juice!

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